"Dynamic, enlightening training. That's what we've always received from Kirsty Connell, training facilitator. Participants find her knowledge, presentation and approach to be a learning experience that makes a difference.

Trainers of this high calibre are hard to find."BOPDHB

Lindy MacLennan
Training and Development Manager
Bay of Plenty District Health Board



"Kirsty's session on Wellness really 'hit the mark' for us. Lively, interesting, engaging, relevant and practical. Our team have been buzzing about it and even weeks after have remembered much of the content, the 'tips and tricks'. Recommended. "

Bill Baker
Team Leader-Youth & Adult Services and Community Development
CCS Disability Action Waikato


"Kirsty is a very knowledgeable and inclusive facilitator. She keeps the group on track while allowing open discussion of ideas. We came away from the session better informed and able to put the learning into practice.
Thanks Kirsty!"Bay of Plenty Polytechnic

Maree Hawkins
Human Resource Manager
Bay of Plenty Polytechnic


"Awesome training day the best I have been to at the DHB.
Excellent facilitator, great information, TDHBand kept us interested all day. Thanks !" H.P.

"Kirsty has been a fantastic training resource for our organisation. Kirsty worked with TDH to develop a training programme that was suitable to our needs. Her 'Bullying and Harassment' workshops were well prepared and presented with passion, conviction and a good depth of knowledge that stimulated and educated staff from all parts of our organisation. We look forward to continuing our work with Kirsty."

Stu Potter
Group Manager Human Resources
Tairawhiti District Health


"Kirsty designs and delivers learning programmes of the highest standard. She is a professional, skilled and well planned facilitator. They are always stimulating, fun and dynamic. Kirsty uses visual material, examples and group interaction and reflection to maximise learning outcomes. Feedback from participants and contractors is always excellent."

"Very very interesting and fun – thanks"Blueprint For Learning

"Excellent, you rock Kirsty"

"I enjoyed the way the presenter delivered the work content. She was very knowledgeable, approachable and provided enough pause in speech for others to include their opinions or comments"

"Kirsty was logical, methodical and motivating"


Sally Pitts‐Brown
Chief Executive
Blueprint for Learning


"Kirsty's stress training was a breath of fresh air. The three hours were fun, interactive and there were a lot of laughs, not to mention the amount of knowledge she shared with us. She made our team feel comfortable enough to talk about the issues they were having - producing results together. We would definitely recommend her to other businesses looking to support their staff in this area"

Olivia McArthurThe House Company
The House Company