Workshops for New Zealand Workplaces

Workshops for workplaces in NZThe return on investment in staff training for businesses and organisations is significant, and in modern times we recognise the importance of looking after staff and helping them gain the skills and knowledge that enable them to stay healthy and work effectively in the workplace.

Whether it's managing stress or communicating better in the workplace, we have the options covered, and will develop a workshop that meets your specific needs.

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Workshops - Manage Workplace Stress

Introduction to Managing Workplace Stress

workplace stress

1- 2 hour seminar for staff that provides brief introduction to workplace stress.

  • what stress is
  • causes of stress
  • symptoms of stress
  • a modern model of stress
  • introduces simple strategies to manage stress in the workplace



Managing Pressure for Resilience and Results

A comprehensive workshop that focuses on managing workplace stress for individuals and enables participants to develop a range of individualised strategies that really work.

This workshop covers:Overloaded in your job?

  • causes and symptoms of stress
  • a modern model of stress
  • cognitive behavioural strategies including cognitive reframing and mindfulness
  • managing physical symptoms
  • improving sleep
  • managing time effectively
  • improving assertiveness
  • achieving lifestyle balance



Organisational Stress Management - Managers and Executives

A workshop for those in leadership positions who want to be proactive in Work Stress Solutionsestablishing a workplace that focuses on organisational strategies to either eliminate, reduce, or manage the risk of workplace stress, and meet obligations under new Health and Safety legislation. The workshop covers:

  • models of organisational stress
  • understanding the impact on your business and employees
  • understanding legislative requirements
  • developing a range of organisational strategies to help your business and the people in it do better




Understand and Manage Workplace Bullying

Taking the Bully by the Horns

Workplace bullying is now recognised as a major health and safety issue facing many New Zealand workplaces. The new Health and Safety at Work Act is expected to come into force in 2015, and increases personal responsibility and liability for directors and senior management. It also increases worker participation and penalties for breaches.

It is now more important than ever that New Zealand workplaces understand workplace bullying, and are proactive in addressing the issue in their workplace. This workshop will enable you to clearly understand the complex issue of workplace bullying, including:

  • what bullying isTaking the Bully by the Horns
  • what bullying is not
  • why bullying happens
  • costs and effects of bullying
  • current bullying research
  • new legislative requirements
  • your management responsibilities
  • informal and formal methods for managing workplace bullying




Workshops - Time Management

Taming the Time Monster

Time management for modern timesTime management course

2-3 hour workshop that will enable staff to understand the principles of effective time control, identify obstacles to using time well, and develop a range of strategies to overcome the obstacles and use time more effectively.

Time management has very little to do with managing time - it is about how we manage ourselves within the time frames we have, in order to spend time on what is important for us, and to achieve goals.

An innovative workshop based on cognitive behavioural principles that will help you create time for what is important to you.



Workshops - Communication and Conflict Management Skills

Communicating for Results in the Workplace

Being able to communicate clearly and effectively in the workplace, and manage Communication Skillsconflict is a foundation skill, and this comprehensive workshop will enable staff to:

  • understand their own communication style
  • identify their communication strengths
  • further develop skills and strategies to communicate effectively
  • manage conflict in the workplace

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Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Conflict can be an everyday occurrence in the workplace, and is a bit like death and Conflict Resolution in the NZ workplace taxes – it's inevitable, can be hard to manage, and is impossible to avoid. Many organisations and workplaces struggle to manage conflict effectively, and the costs of unmanaged or destructive conflict are high for both individuals and organisations.

Whether you're looking for training for leaders or staff, tailor-made conflict resolution workshops will enable participants to:

  • understand types of conflict
  • understand why conflict happens
  • explore styles of managing conflict
  • learn a range of strategies to effectively manage conflict for better results.



Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) - individual and group sessions

The Mind Game

Coaching can be defined as 'the art of facilitating the performance, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC)learning and development of another'.

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) is based on the principles and practice of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Cognitive behavioural approaches emphasise that how we react to events is largely determined by our views of them, not by the events themselves. Through examining and re-evaluating some of our less helpful views we can develop and try out alternative viewpoints and behaviours that may be more effective in aiding problem-solving, gain more control over our emotions and behaviour, and achieve our goals.

CBC is time-limited, goal-directed and focused on the here and now, and is an evidence based and effective approach that is used in both clinical and non-clinical settings.

CBC group sessions are usually two-hour sessions run over a four week period, allowing participants to put theory into practice, review progress, and become their own coaches to maintain future progress. Individual sessions are also available.


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